Meet Clement Hill

Clement Hill is a well-established business providing an extensive range of services to clients across multiple sectors of industry.

We work with client organisations to help them identify select and implement their long, medium and short-term strategic goals and objectives. Our core service offering consists of the following value propositions:

Outsourced and managed services, including:

  • Portfolio, Programme & Project Management

  • Contract, Cost & Commercial Management

  • Consulting Services

  • Consulting and advisory services

  • Contingent workforce management

Clement Hill offers a holistic approach to service design and integration so that our colleagues can not only match but exceed client expectations.

We strive to enhance the quality of our clients’ work, speed up their delivery of solutions and services, reduce the cost of work delivered, while at the same time seeking to heighten transparency and our accountability.

We work with our clients to support their delivery and with their supply chain to create and drive value into the client’s value proposition.

Clement Hill provides flexible and agile solutions to clients across multiple market verticals, such as construction and infrastructure, energy, utilities and environment and transportation.

How can we help?

02922 337 272

Address: 155 Gelli Road, Gelli, Pentre, CF41 7TR